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Frequently Asked Questions

Wrought iron gate
Here's another of our wrought iron gates.

What should I do if there is rust starting to form on my exterior metal work?

If the rusting problem is a minor one, take a steel wool pad or wire brush and take off the rust and the paint around it. Clean it well and apply a coat of a metal primer and a top coat of a high quality enamel paint (not a water base). If the rust has started to eat through the iron the section can usually be replaced and the item restored. Give us a call and we would be glad to give you a quote on repairing your item.

What do I need to do to refinish my iron patio furniture?

If the items have received many coats of paint over the years we suggest that the items be sandblasted which will remove all the old paint and leave only the bare metal. Then the items may be primed and painted.

What color is iron?

Iron is not black as most people think. The color of steel is gray and can be painted any color that is desired. Or it can receive many other types of finishing techniques.

How long will the paint last?

There are many factors to this question, such as the area (like the beach where the moisture level is high) or where it is put (if it is someplace where sprinklers often hit it, or it is in the rain). It is hard to give an accurate answer with so many variables, but in the right conditions it should last for many years. There are many things you can do to make it last longer.